Warren Pickering was requested by the FAA to become a Maintenance DAR in 1994 after successfully showing his knowledge as Director of Maintenance at both Life Flight in Houston and Care Flight in Dallas/Ft-Worth. Since then he has worked with owners, buyers, and manufacturers around the globe performing both article and product certifications.
In 1999 after working at Bell Helicopter for several years he obtained his Manufacturing DAR. Warren has worked with almost all the major rotorcraft manufacturers worldwide.
Warren's background is almost 100% Rotorcraft and Powered Lift. He only works rotorcraft projects and certifications at this time. His 25 years of Designee experience gives him the experience needed to handle both big and small projects to ensure you get the outcome you want from your project.


  • Part and install conformity (FAA Projects)
  • Parts and STC Certification (Domestic/Export)
  • Rotorcraft certification (Experimental)
  • Rotorcraft certification (Standard)
  • Rotorcraft certification (Export)
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