PMA Process List
(Black Envelope Partnership)

  1. Submit your PMA form.
  2. Pickering Aviation reviews your form.
  3. Both parties discuss manufacturing costs and suppliers to be used.
  4. Negotiations of profit shares.
  5. Perform Supplier Audit if suppliers are not already approved by Pickering Aviation.
  6. Apply to FAA for new PMA Supplement; Licensing Agreement signed by you stating Pickering Aviation has your permission to manufacture your part.
  7. Start receiving Black Envelopes in the mail!
Start Now!

We created our FAA-PMA to manufacture and sell parts for companies and individuals that have an STC but don’t have the production capabilities.


Utilizing our years of production experience, we examine the entire build process of the STC to ensure product is being manufactured in an efficient manner that is most profitable for the STC holder, without sacrificing quality.


Combining decades of experience in aviation manufacturing and quality assurance with major OEMs, we have created our FAA Approved Quality System to be the best in the industry.
Each PMA project will be evaluated and discussed to determine the active market, manufacturing cost, profit sharing etc.