Pickering Aviation Inc. now owns a Restricted TC for the EH-60A Blackhawk!

TC R00003AC is the first and currently only EH-60A TC. We have received full ITAR Approval for export to New Zealand for not only an EH-60A Blackhawk but our specially configured Rotorcraft Flight Manual and Pickering Aviation full maintenance procedures. We are now working to add both UH-60A and HH-60A models to our TC.


  • Foreign Validation (Export)
    One of the major benefits is that we have and continue to work with Foreign Civil Air Authorities to achieve validation which allows us to export our TC’ed Blackhawk to that country. This allows for operations under that country’s registration.
  • Discount on our replacement parts
    As a member of the Pickering Aviation family you are given a discount to our H-60 PMA replacement parts.

Our goal is to provide the best possible support for the H-60s across the world, from TC Technical Data to replacement parts. Join our fleet and you will see the difference.

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